Marcela Escobar-Eck Speaks Out Against Down-Zoning in Uptown

February 25, 2016

Full article appears on San Diego Uptown News.

Uptown Planners reject January revisions to community plan update, support old version

The Uptown Planners have gone “back to the future” by turning down the January revisions to the Uptown Community Plan update and directing city planners to return to the June 2015 version.

The volunteer group voted 11-2, with one abstention, on Feb. 16 to reject the latest revisions to the Land Use Element, which encouraged higher density along Uptown’s major transit corridors: Park Boulevard, Washington Street, University Avenue, and Fourth, Fifth and Sixth avenues. Six bus lines provide service to those areas.

Uptown Planners did however, urge city planners to focus plans for higher density only along Park Boulevard, where SANDAG’s long-range plans call for a trolley to eventually replace the 215 Rapid Bus that runs from Downtown along Park Boulevard to El Cajon Boulevard and eastward to San Diego State University.

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